Google Launch New Feature

This holiday shopping season, Google is empowering small businesses like never before. It is rolling out a New Search Label to help small businesses reach more customers. Google will also show more information now in the Search Results directly! Finally, they are also expanding their AI-powered Product Studio tool. This tool uses a text-to-image AI model to create incredible images.

Here’s more information about these new search tools and features.

What is a “Small Business” Label in Google Maps & Search?

Google will now add a “Small Business” label to qualifying businesses. This will help identify and highlight small businesses during the shopping season.

Merchants can also identify their business as “Small” in their Google Business Profile and Google Merchant Center.

Google will also add the label automatically based on:

  • The number of products
  • The traffic on your website

Why are Google’s Small Business labels this important?

84% of people say supporting local and/or small businesses is important to them.

What is Google Product Studio?

Product Studio is an AI-Powered Product Image Generation Tool. Google is expanding its AI-powered Product Studio tool. This tool uses a text-to-image AI model to create amazing scenarios that you can dream up.

Using this tool, Merchants can:

  • Describe their products to generate product images
  • Remove backgrounds from images
  • Improve image resolution with a single click
Generetad Scene Experiment Google Search Feature

More Information in Search Results Directly!

Google Search Results Directly

Now when you search something in Google, it will display information like shipping policies, deals, and customer reviews in search results. This builds customer trust and confidence in small businesses.

Are You A Small Business Owner?

This is Google’s way of showing support for the growth and success of your business. Over time, these features will become more impactful and important to your business.

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