Conversion Rate Optimization

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of users or website visitors to take a desired action such as a click-through to your website, a phone-call, filling out a contact form or making a purchasing decision.

You may get plenty of website visitors, but are you converting them to customers? Not everyone who visits your site will have a need for your offerings. But if your conversion rate isn’t great, you may want to take a few steps to optimize your site to turn more website visitors into buyers.

How to boost your conversion rates? How to double your conversion rates?

1 Have a secure and fast website.

How to secure your website and increase website speed?
You can do this in several ways, from compressing and optimizing images to reducing redirects and caching web pages and having a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Another important thing you can do is to choose a hosting solution optimized for performance.

Fast and Secure Website

What is a Content Delivery Network?
CDN (Content Delivery Networks) are used for the speedy transfer of all data and material required for users to load web pages and applications, such as HTML, javascript, CSS, photos, videos, and audio.

Enhance your landing page design

2 Enhance your landing page design.

Does your color palette evoke trust and confidence in your brand? Do you use a typography that is easy to read and understand? And is your copy concise and positioned above the fold? Optimize your landing page for micro-moments. Guide users throughout so that you can help them navigate your site as you intended to! Create smart Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

What are micro-moments?
Micro-moments are those moments when people instinctively check their phones for information while in the middle of other tasks. More than 90% of people surveyed said they use their mobile phones to access information in the middle of doing other things! You can create brand awareness and improve your CRO by making your website informational to optimize for these micro-moments.

Enhance your landing page to include secure payment methods.
Integrate payment methods such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. These methods are encrypted and inspire more trust. They are also faster compared to traditional payment methods.

Guide users throughout.
Guiding users throughout their journey on your website is crucial for improving your conversion rate. Pop-ups with additional information, navigation cues, and live chat integration can all help keep your users engaged with your website, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion. Incorporating pop-ups to encourage sign-ups can also help generate leads faster.

Use smart Call-to-actions. And Optimize your CTAs.
Make sure your website visitors know the next step to take. This could be signing up for a newsletter, downloading a fact sheet or buying something. Optimizing your CTA buttons is crucial to prompt your customers to take action on your website.

Add a sense of urgency and scarcity to your CTAs to improve your click-through rates (CTR).

What are some ways to improve your CTA?

  1. Add a sense of urgency and scarcity to your products and services
  2. Offer a money-back guarantee
  3. Offer valuable knowledge or guides or similar value added assets

3Craft SEO-optimized content.
This can help your site rank higher in search results. It can also increase your site’s visibility and attract more visitors. On-page optimize your site by using the right semantic keywords, using the correct article lengths and the optimal number of images. However, be careful not to directly copy another competitors SEO strategy.

4Integrate On-Page recommendations with reviews
If you have a product website, placing your on-page product recommendations can make a huge positive difference to your user’s shopping / browsing experience. Include reviews with these on-page product recommendations to help your customers make an informed decision, and to keep them on your website longer!

Conduct A/B testing aka Split Testing.

5 Conduct A/B testing aka Split Testing.
You could test many different features on a page, from the placement of your CTAs to the color schemes that best engage your visitors. Make necessary changes based on results and keep re-testing to optimize your website for maximum conversions.

Large companies do this all the time without you knowing – e.g. your browsing experience on a website may differ significantly from another person’s experience on the same website as they are shown different versions of the site with different placements of buttons, or the information that order is presented in so that they can learn what setup results in the most conversions and success.

6 Dig into the data-driven insights.
Using data-driven insights can help you identify areas of improvement, optimize your website for a better customer experience and create targeted campaigns that will drive more conversions. You can get website data from your Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Google Analytics 4 is going to be the new standard going forward.

Use heatmaps.

What are heatmaps?
Heatmaps allow you to see where visitors are dropping off the funnel so you can improve the user experience and boost conversions.

Heatmaps - Branding and Promo

When you can see how website visitors are interacting with your site, you can identify where you need to improve or what you may need to remove altogether.

Your company’s website performance can impact your sales. Make sure you maximize your site by following the conversion-boosting tips above.

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